Play-Based Learning


Prep Program

The Play-based Learning Program is facilitated by a Play Therapist and Teachers Aide and aims to improve student’s oral language development and to support social and emotional wellbeing. Students have weekly access to a large range of resources and can choose things interest them and that engage their imagination, focus and expertise.  It is expected that students learn to be self-reliant and feel confident to experiment with new things. Popular play elements are dress ups, play cooking, construction, blocks and drawing, cutting and pasting. Sessions follow a structured routine and promote students reflecting on what they have learnt and gained in their play across the areas of Communication, Safety, Respect, Wellbeing and Engagement. Assessment is based on the Victorian Early Years Learning Framework and focuses on 2 students for each session.


Outdoor Playbox

During lunchtime play students are provided with a range of recycled, open ended materials to support and promote quality imaginative, active and social play. Playboxes are placed outside both LN1 and LN2 on a weekly basis.